Remember when Makeup Revolution, now Revolution Beauty, took the world by storm with their Conceal and Define concealer and then with their £5 Fast Base Foundation Stick? Well, they’ve now come out with the sister to the Fast Base Foundation Stick, the Fast Base Concealer. Seeing as I did a review on both the Conceal and Define and the Fast Base Stick, so it felt right to do one on the Fast Base Concealer. Surprisingly I’ve not seen many people talk about this which is quite strange, so I feel I need to tell everyone what this concealer is like.

Some specs about this concealer before I get into the review. This concealer costs £5 which is the same as the foundation stick but £1 more expensive than the Conceal and Define but really, what difference is a £1?! In the Fast Base Concealer, there is 4.5ml of product which is only slightly more than in the Conceal and Define. Compared to the Conceal and Define which is described as lightweight but full coverage with a matte finish the Fast Base Concealer is described as a lightweight buildable concealer for highlighting and brightening so they are on very different ends of the scale.

The packaging for this is pretty slick and very much the same type of packaging as the Foundation Stick, that pale nude shade all over with the rose gold Revolution on the label. The top has a little sponge and the plastic cap, I better not lose the cap as that could be disastrous. The bottom is a twist bottom to dispense the product up onto the sponge. The packaging for this isn’t anything too special but I do think it’s simple and sleek or for Beauty Bloggers and Instagrammers I’d say it’s Instagramable. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan! So now I’ve got all details out the way, let’s get on to seeing how this concealer really performs.

The sponge is so soft. It glides across so smoothly, I do like how the sponge spreads out the product and it feels nicer on the skin than a usual doe foot applicator does. Although it is quite a messy way to put concealer on as you can’t really control how much concealer goes onto the skin. One of the things I don’t really like about these sponge concealers is that you have to twist the product up and I always find I waste product. When I first went to twist the product up onto the sponge it took 8 turns (yes I did count) to get the concealer up onto the sponge and even after that so much of the product came out onto the sponge and it wasted a lot of it. I also found when I applied the concealer I kept on having to twist more product up as the sponge absorbed the majority of the concealer, I feel I use a lot more of this concealer than all my other ones.

I bought the shades C1 and C3 which are the same shades I have in the Conceal and Define and the shades are good matches to my skin. They are the exact shades as the Conceal and Define concealer, so they never slightly changed the colours which means you already know what shade you are. I do like that as when I bought the concealer there weren’t any testers out in Superdrug, so it was good that I already knew my shades.

The Concealer is very light coverage which is what it’s branded to be, so I wasn’t surprised when I applied it and found that out. I felt I had to use a lot of product to be able to get some sort of coverage under my eyes. It did conceal my under eyes circles and the darkness I get there but it creased quite quickly after applying. Concealers do crease on me, but I’ve never had a concealer crease as quickly, I do set my concealer usually, but I really have to set this concealer straight away. With this concealer being branded as a brightening and highlighting concealer I find the shade C1 isn’t that brightening on me and it’s the lightest shade, I actually find my Conceal and Define looks more brightening on me.

What I do like about this concealer is how my under eyes don’t look cakey. I can find that with my heavy concealers whenever I want to wear a light makeup look it can make my under eyes look too heavy so I would probably use this on more a light makeup day where I don’t want a lot of coverage. After I set it with powder my under eyes did look flawless, no under eye circles in sight. My under eyes did look really good after everything was done, I am quite surprised how good a lightweight concealer looks under my eyes.

Top- C3 after 5 minutes Bottom – C3 First applied

When it came to using the shade C3 for my imperfections, it was just a fail. If you have any imperfections I would completely skip using this concealer and use a different concealer because it didn’t do a lot. I needed to go in again with a lot of product on the sponge and I went in twice with it to be able to cover any blemishes I have. I knew that this maybe wouldn’t be the type of concealer to conceal imperfections. I also found that C3 actually oxidises a little bit which is strange as the Conceal and Define C3 shade doesn’t do that so that’s disappointing.

My final thoughts on the Fast Base Concealer is that it’s bad but it’s not for me. With the fact it creased very quickly, it wasn’t until after I’d set it that it looked good, and even then, it doesn’t really highlight my under eyes so I wouldn’t rebuy this once it runs out. So, for me, it’s a BYE, which I hate to say as I love Revolution Makeup. I will keep on trying to test this and see if my thoughts may change on this as you never know. If you really want to buy one of the Revolution Makeup concealers out of the 2 concealers they have, I’d recommend the Conceal and Define over this one, I think I prefer a fuller coverage concealer to a lightweight one. If you want to see my review on either on the Conceal and Define if you’ve been looking at getting that I’ll leave it here.


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